This is Where I Wrote Today

It Can Be Anywhere, Really

There seems to be a whole Pandora’s Box of tricks and tips to becoming the best writer you can be. One of the most common is making a ritual for yourself. Write at the same time everyday, in the same place with your favorite Bath and Body Works candle. Doing this will show the Writing Gods that you are obedient to their commands and they will bless you with the muse.

I actually think this is very true, for the record. Creating a routine is a great way to train the mind to know when it’s time to write. I’ve seen success in my own writing with it. When I sit down at the Barnes and Noble cafe five minutes from where I live, the synapses in my brain go off: “Time to create.”

But today I’m here to say that rules are meant to be broken. Writing is a passionate thing, or at least, it should be. Now that doesn’t mean it’s not work, there are some days when the last thing I want to do is write, but that means that on some level, there should be inspiration whenever you sit down to write.

Sometimes You Have to Go to the Muse

On a good writing day, you might feel like F. Scott Fitzgerald and you’re convinced you’re writing the next Great American Novel. On a bad day, you’re skeptical you ever knew anything about the English language to begin with. It’s an ebb and flow.

If I waited for what felt like a “good day” to write before I actually sat my ass down and put my fingers to the keyboard, I’d write once a month, maybe. Oftentimes, a good day results from an empty mind and the willingness to create something. Pushing through that initial wall of doubt is an even better way to show the Writing Gods you’re serious.

Now, back to routine. Routine can be vital in getting past that wall each and every day. However, sometimes I find that mixing things up can bring a whole new perspective to my writing.

I call it “seeking out the muse” because I believe this is closer to reality than we give it credit for. Writing beside a stream today in the midst of nature was the perfect reset I needed. We can become accustomed to anything, our writing rituals included, and doing something to shock our creative selves from that monotony can bring a flood of inspiration.


Get Weird with Your Writing

Basically, mix it up! Routine is great, but don’t become convinced that there’s only one way to do things! Creative minds often thrive on diversity, writers especially. The more places you write in, the more you’ll see. The more you’ll see, the more experiences you’ll have and that will ensure more stuff to write about.

Writers are surveyors of the world and commentators on it. It’s our job to bring the seemingly everyday and mundane facts of life to light and get people to think more deeply about them. The only way to effectively do this is to put ourselves in circumstances where we can survey the world.

So, write in the streets! Write in the coffee shops of the world. Write in your closets. Write next to a grazing cow. But dammit, just make sure you seek out the muse and write. Write because you want to. Write because you don’t want to. Write because the world needs to see your passion.