The Beginning

Where do I actually start? This blog started as a seed in my mind long before I actually made the first keystroke. I'm the kind of person who thinks all the time, about everything, like incessantly. As a writer, I guess the natural next step was to write those thoughts down and hopefully get some clarity for my stir-crazy brain. This first post serves as a sort of disclaimer. Everything that I post and talk about here will be primarily therapeutic: a place where I can come to terms with things that I think about on a daily basis. Almost like a journal. I don't pretend to be wise enough to push my thoughts or opinions on other people, so please don't interpret this as some This is What's Wrong With the World Campaign. While I may express some of those thoughts, they're still strictly my own opinion and viewpoint.

So, I guess the next question that surfaces is: why make a blog then? And what the hell does "Words About FreeDumb" even mean? Well, to answer the first question, I love reading and hearing how others think and what their opinions are on different subjects. But I've never been the type of person to really voice my own in fear that people will ridicule it, especially right now when a lot of discussions are so charged. I guess it's my humble hope that by putting some of my own thoughts out there, I can help people see things in a light they may not have considered before, meet people with similar viewpoints, and just generally spread some positivity out into the world.

With that said, let's talk about the title. It's a little tongue-in-cheek, to be honest. I think a lot about how we can be slaves to freedom. I mean in the sense that we have so many freedoms we can become lulled into a state of comfort and ignorance. We can take those freedoms for granted, not really thinking about the consequences of our actions or the price for that freedom. I know this all sounds very vague, but I'm purposely not getting into specifics because there will be plenty of time to discuss those as I write more posts.

Like I said, my main goal in writing Words About FreeDumb is to have a space where I can put my thoughts out there. Hopefully, I can also encourage some people to think outside the box, buck the status quo, things like that. If I'm the only person that ever ends up reading this: fantastic. If millions of people end up reading it and think I'm full of shit: fantastic. I'm just here to write, so write, I will.