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TeroVesalainen What’s an Outlier? In my article on education, I mentioned how some students, often the systemically disobedient, tend to be some of the most intelligent. These individuals, outliers from the normal distribution in more ways than one, can be some of the greatest thinkers we know. But what exactly is an outlier? What sets people apart from the standard tendencies, responses and thoughts that most people have? In essence, what makes some of these outlandish thinkers different? In this context, an outlier is someone who…Continue Reading “We Should Focus on Outliers More”

leovalente Don’t Give Yourself an Option I’ve found a ritual lately that I love. I’ll take forty-five minutes to an hour, drive up into the mountains, hike a few minutes, and just enjoy the freedom of being disconnected from everything. Sometimes I meditate, oftentimes I’ll just sit and enjoy nature. The key to this is that I go out far enough that my phone is out of cell range. It’s a different feeling than just turning off your phone or having it on airplane mode. If…Continue Reading “Disconnect to Feel More Fulfilled”

ivanovgood As Old as Humanity Itself There’s a notion in the human mind of the “other.” Maybe it’s inherent, maybe it’s a result of the cultures we have been raised in, but either way, this concept persists in our thinking. Somehow we struggle to find some sense of personal identity without differentiating ourself from others. Maybe it stems from our history. When two ancient tribes came into contact with one another, there were immediate lines of demarcation. We are such and such tribe and this is…Continue Reading “The Myth of the “Other””

StartupStockPhotos It’s Possible to be Both I was a great student. I never spoke out of turn, I always did my homework, turned in my assignments on time and just generally never caused any trouble. I was every teacher’s dream. But I had a secret the whole time: I hated school. I don’t mean hate school in the rebellious “I hate learning” sort of way, I mean I hated the structure. I hated the mind-numbing repetitiveness that permeated the place. I did my work mostly out…Continue Reading “I Was a Terrific Student and a Terrible One”

It Can Be Anywhere, Really There seems to be a whole Pandora’s Box of tricks and tips to becoming the best writer you can be. One of the most common is making a ritual for yourself. Write at the same time everyday, in the same place with your favorite Bath and Body Works candle. Doing this will show the Writing Gods that you are obedient to their commands and they will bless you with the muse. I actually think this is very true, for the…Continue Reading “This is Where I Wrote Today”

Matheus Bertelli The Misconceptions The narrative on introverts has been pretty much the same since the dawn of the phrase. They’re quiet. Lonely. Not outgoing. Often “too nice,” they don’t speak up for themselves. They don’t like people, and a host of other fallacies. Aside from the world being primarily driven by extroverts for a host of different reasons, introverts’ values are highly looked over. It has something to do with the nature of introverts themselves, but this doesn’t change the fact that the world…Continue Reading “Why We Introvert Shame and Why We Should Stop”

BarbaraALane What Does It Take? I recently watched a documentary on Albert Einstein, and by recently I mean this morning. It was fascinating. Obviously, the main focus was on his achievements in theoretical physics like his papers on the photo-electric effect and, of course, general relativity. What I thought was interesting, though, was how they focused a lot on his character; i.e. who he was as a person. That got me thinking about the characteristics Einstein had that contributed to his greatness and if those can…Continue Reading “The DNA of Greatness”

Bess-Hamiti Intentionally Vague Intentional living has always been a nebulous concept for me. What does it mean? Isn’t everything I do driven by intention at some point? When do I cross the ethereal threshold of living an “intentional” life? As I’ve thought about this, I’ve come to believe that our overall motives matter more than each decision we make during the day. There’s no need to stress about every decision we’re faced with. Coming up with an arbitrary system of “conscious decisions” kind of defeats…Continue Reading “Living a Life of Intention”

StockSnap It’s a Big Pile of Avocado Toast From being labeled “entitled” to “technology obsessed,” “detached,” and “narcissistic,” you’ve probably heard quite a bit about millennials, especially recently. Millennials get a lot of flack, especially when it comes to very cardinal things about our nature. We have been touted as the generation without work ethic, the generation that wants everything given to them with little to no effort. We’ve been blamed for the destruction of industries such as Applebees and napkins. We’ve even been slandered for…Continue Reading “Generational Hate and Why Millennials Aren’t the Worst”

Photo Cred: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay Our Perceptions of Others Trap Us Okay, short rant. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t come up so often. Why does it come up so often? Well, it’s kind of written . . on my skin. Somehow, people think that my being mixed means they can say whatever they want. As if I’m in some undefined race purgatory that exempts me from being offended. Over the years I’ve gotten used to the repeated requests to touch my hair, or the…Continue Reading “Yes, I’m Mixed, Yes, You Can Stop Mentioning It”