It was the Spring then

Young buds and

jackfruit bursting at the seams.

Perfuming the air with rich color

and mingling with my cheap cologne

Even the earth sang then,

blades of grass singing their

high falsettos

making a duet with the

wild wind.

It was the Summer then

Bright rays and

hoppers jumping through warm air.

Snapping, buzzing

and calling out to life

Even the birds knew then,

jays and robs leaping thru

pollened air

to make the neatest

social scene.


It was the Fall then

Brown paper leaves and

jagged hills changing their clothes.

Filling things with a strangeness

and uncertainty

Even the moles felt then,

the cold that was coming

to chill

even my warm body with

frantic flurries.

It is the Winter now

Dull clouds and

lifeless trees silently brooding.

Watching a paleness

come over me

Even I saw then,

the pain I had caused

to her

without realizing her high,

high heart.

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