The Son of God suffered for me

So from death, from hell, I could be set free

I know not the pain he bore,

The blood that ran from sins so sore

I know not the guilt he felt,

From the world's hate, whose icy heart, no light could melt

Yet light can burst through darkest abyss

And find the world, in its ways amiss

For greed, for power, they sought for gain

And the world's riches would be in vain

For men seek to do good, in their eyes

And lose their light, which makes all men wise

But light is given to those unlikely

To a boy in search, for that which is godly

A prayer of faith on humble knees

Opened the heavens, the sidereal seas

And brought to Earth, what once was lost

What 12 men fought for, at any cost

What the world in darkness, sought to hide

Yet none can stay God's fiery tide

For the heavens are real and hide not their hand

But announce the coming of the Son of Man

Who brings to Earth, glory, laud, and praise

With the sound of a trump and all the dead raise

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